Community Christian Church Supports the following ministries with our finances and our time:

Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMF) - includes Jake & Erin Moore who live and work in rural Ethiopia planting churches among the unreached Gumuz people in northwest Ethiopia.  Currently starting a new health clinic in the village called Yamp.

Church Growth Ministries (Prison Chapels) - Joe and Fay Wilson established Church Growth Ministries in 1999 to save the small and medium size churches money by assisting them in planning and building programs.  Also CGM is involved in many other aspects of missions.-a new endeavor is building chapels in prisons.  World Mission Builders entered into a partnership with Oklahoma Department of Correction to build multiple chapels in prisons in Oklahoma.

Cookson Hills Children's Home - Since beginning in 1957 they have offered help, hope and healing to abused and neglected children and have worked with their families to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, dependency and failure.  On more than 1,000 acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in NE Oklahoma is the retreat for children requiring out of home care.  CH provides an alternative to those families by offering residential care for their children in a family environment, individualized Christian education, vocational training, spiritual formation programs, and specialized therapeutic services.

International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) - Milton Bates was convicted of the need to get something organized to unite the Restoration movement in meeting the physical needs of people who had experienced some type of disaster situation.  So Milton and Janet Bates sent out more than 500 letters to Christian leaders.  Nine men met and agreed to serve as the first Board of Directors for the International Disaster Emergency Service.  Today there are 9 full-time staff members and countless thousands have been helped due to the services they offer in more than 90 different countries and continue to help in about 250 projects each year.  Wells are dug, food given, lives are changed as blankets and medicine are given.  Houses are built to provide shelter for families as they experience the warmth of being part of the family of God.

J127 Mininistry--exist to aid young people  who have aged out of the foster care system are orphaned or homeless due to lack of family support. We will provide a loving home environment, focus on the individuals’ needs and help reinforce them in critical life skills, emotional support, spiritual growth, and education needs. We know by providing the right tools they will have a greater chance of becoming successful as they transitionis a into adulthood and become productive adults who will be able to break the cycle of poverty in every area of their lives. We will be able to help build their support system as they learn new coping techniques, problem-solving skills, reach their educational goals, heal emotionally and grow spiritually. 

Pioneer Bible Translators - Headquarters in Dallas, their support includes Jim & Joni Bliffen, who are currently serving in Papua New Guinea.  Jim has pastored at different churches in Alabama, Florida, and most recently, here at CCC in Durant, Oklahoma.  Joni has a professional background in bookkeeping and accounting. They are both working to support evangelistic efforts in PNG through 2016, in the area of Scripture Use (Jim) and in the finance office (Joni).



  August 2021  
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